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Camels and Needles

Posted By on Oct 10, 2021

October 10, 2021 ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet In 1993, former president Jimmy Carter presented the commencement address to the graduating class at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  He shared the story of a young college first year student who overslept for the final exam in geometry and pleaded for mercy from his professor.  The professor granted it – sort of.  “If you provide an accurate answer for one question, I will submit...

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The Tie That Binds: MOVED

Posted By on Oct 3, 2021

October 3, 2021 ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet Many times throughout movie and television history, a theme similar to today’s scripture passage has been played out.  My first memory of experiencing this was while watching an episode of The Flintstones.  Fred Flintstone, that average, pre-historic spouse, father, friend, has an important decision to make.  To help him make this decision, a little angel Fred (complete with halo and...

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The Tie That Binds: POURED

Posted By on Sep 26, 2021

September 26, 2021 ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet Here’s a familiar story that will make you smile ~ because it so true, its sad and funny at the same time.  You see, there was a woman who was pulled over by the police for aggressive driving.  She had not done anything illegal.  But she was tailgating, not letting people merge ahead of her, and simply driving in an unkind aggressive manner.  A police officer had been...

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“The Tie That Binds: WOVEN”

Posted By on Sep 19, 2021

September 19, 2021 ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, told a story about a village where all the women washed clothes together down by the river.  When they all got washing machines, there was a sudden outbreak of depression and no one could figure out why.  It wasn’t the washing machines in and of themselves.  It was the absence of time spent doing things together.  It was the absence of...

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The Tie That Binds: FORMED

Posted By on Sep 12, 2021

September 12, 2021 ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet Rev. Dr. Tom Bolsinger wrote: “A few years ago, I was invited by one of the contractors in my town to go to a job site. This contractor had recently lost his young daughter in a freakish and sudden passing, and the company that he worked for wanted to dedicate the building to her memory. They asked me if I would lead a brief service at the site. So, I drove to the place on a dreary day and parked...

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Creation at It’s Best

Posted By on Sep 5, 2021

September 5, 2021 Rev. Beckie Sweet In her book, Leaving Church, Barbara Brown Taylor reflects on her decision to leave the life of a parish priest in the Episcopal church for a new life of teaching and writing. The move involved finding a new place to live. For the first time in their lives, she and her husband were looking for property to buy—in the Georgia countryside. His requirement was running water. Hers was being not more...

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