Soulful Living

Fueling individual and collective journeys to uncover, reclaim, and celebrate our wholeness and authenticity

Soulful Living is for those seeking a deeper relationship with, and experience of, the Sacred, fueling individual and collective journeys to uncover, reclaim, and celebrate our wholeness and authenticity. We offer skillful guidance and time-honored practices from diverse wisdom traditions, as well as celebrate the fellowship and experiences these practices may foster, ultimately bringing meaning and purpose to people’s lives.


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Writing Spiritual Memoir: Exploring the Inner Face of Your Life Journey

Led by Debbie Allen
Mondays:  October 15, 29, November 5, 19 and December 3
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Durham Room

One of the ways in which spiritual growth can take place is through memoir writing.  While autobiography generally offers a broad overview of events in chronological order, memoir focuses on experiences that define our lives and reveal our essence, moments of joy or crisis that open us to a spiritual context beyond ourselves.  Writing about these experiences gives us a unique opportunity to explore underlying thoughts and feelings and to see connections between our inner and outer lives that were previously hidden.  Memoir can lead to the discovery of something new and surprising.

Whether writing is a regular part of your life or a sporadic interest, you are welcome to be a part of this group.  There are no prerequisites other than the desire to explore your spiritual journey through the written word in a communal setting.  The goal of your writing – personal exploration, a legacy for your family, publication, etc. – is entirely up to you.

Each session will include writing prompts, time to write, and time to share what you have written.  Sharing is entirely voluntary and both confidentiality and mutual respect will be stressed.  The group is limited to ten participants in order to build trust and allow for maximum time for sharing.  If more are interested, the possibility of another group will be considered. Nan Phifer’s book, Memoirs of the Soul, as well as other resources will be used as guides, but it is not necessary to purchase books.

Contemplative Photography

Led by Christine Stockwell
Sundays: October 14, 21, and 28
12:30 – 2:00 pm
Durham Room

Interested in experiencing picture-taking as a spiritual practice?  Whether you use a cell phone or the latest high-tech camera or anything in between, photography can be a means to immerse yourself in the present moment and to really see creation.  Familiarity with ordinary scenes and cultural expectations often limits what we notice. However, using photography with a spirit of curiosity and discovery can expand our sense of the wonder.  Our meetings will include an orientation, material for inspiration, a brief photo walk near Cascadilla creek, and an opportunity to discuss our discoveries.  Those who wish may meet in the Durham Room at 12:00 pm to eat our lunches together before the meeting (optional).

Please remember to bring your phone or camera and proper attire for the weather.  If you are unfamiliar with your camera or camera function on your phone, consider reviewing your model’s manual.  Most manuals can be found online.

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