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Dear St. Paul’s family, we will be suspending in person worship until further notice due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in our county and around the nation. Please be as cautious and careful as you were in March and April. Wear masks and keep social distance in public. Stay home as much as possible. And always hold all in prayer.

Music & Magic Uke Group
Sunday, January 17 @ 12:00 PM on Zoom

Children’s Music Group will meet on Zoom for another music and magic lesson! Parents: if you did not receive the Zoom link, please email childrensmusic@stpaulsithaca.org.

Connecting with Each Other

If you are missing opportunities for conversation and would like more regular contact with others, the church community can be a source of support. You are invited to contact Pastor Debbie (dallen@stpaulsithaca.org or 607-269-5509) if you would like to receive a regular call (or other form of communication) from a member of St. Paul’s. You are also invited to contact Pastor Debbie if you are willing to make calls. Individual needs regarding the means and frequency of communication can be decided upon by the individuals involved.