02-04-2023 Update from Nancy & George

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AVS Mission Volunteers Los Chiles, Costa Rica update: 03feb2023

Through New Eyes…Seeing the communities with water systems constructed with Agua Viva
Serves (AVS) through the eyes of Rotarian volunteer Paul Martin made this first week extra special!

A quick summary includes:
– AVS routine maintenance/repair of 3 systems serving 450 families (x 5 avg #/household); AVS has built 10 community
systems in the past 9 yrs + ~80 wells for family groups.
– Connecting 5 more homes to the system with water meters in La Trocha (2016-18 The Rotary Foundation Global Grant)

– Meeting volunteers of La Trocha’s Water Committee responsible for governance of their system. They remind us that it’s a BIG
job! The President sends their appreciation for the Rotary support for the water system and encouragement to work together for the community.
– Walking along side Water Committee members in San Isidro de Pocosol (Ithaca Rotary club’s current Global Grant project) as they
ask families where to put their water meters…digging next week!
– Chatting with the outreach health worker about impacts of potable water and ideas for improvements in La Trocha
– Noting the expansive planting of pineapple in the region and learning about the impact of chemicals & mono-
culture agriculture on flora and fauna

– Checking out the habitat of Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Volcán Tenorio, Tapir Valley Nature Preserve, Volcán Rincón de la Vieja, Playa Hermosa, Rio Frío…and Trapiche & Tortilla Tour …and with a BIG heart!!

Paul reflects…
It was wonderful to be a part of such a life-altering project, and even better that Rotary has played a significant role! I now have a much better understanding of how having potable water can change lives and improve communities. I was able to see and was impressed by how the served communities are involved in the initial project design, ongoing maintenance, and even long term independence and growth.
It was also sobering to see the poverty and living conditions of some of these rural communities in Costa Rica, arguably the most stable Central American nation with the most functional government. It is certainly a reminder of how fortunate we are in the United States
and not to take our freedom and relative wealth for granted.

Mil Gracias,Pablo! AVS team, n & G

“The only happy people I’ve met are those who have found some way to serve.”

Richard Rohr, Essential Teachings on Love,2018.

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