Feb 10, 2023 Update from Agua Viva Serves

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AVS Mission Volunteers Los Chiles, Costa Rica update: 10feb2023

Into the Weeds & the Mud!…even the straight forward design of these gravity-fed
community water systems has many moving parts that calls for problem-solving. This past
week has been a sampler of some details that don’t rise to the heights and
applause of tower building and turning on the water for a whole community!

AVS’ commitment to communities to support, as needed, their operations, includes
monthly water meter readings; 2 teams covered the territory: 6 systems, 533 homes/
schools serving ~690 families. Water fees are collected in the communities and deposited in
their AVS accounts for future improvements.

Up-grading La Trocha’s 2 main PVC water valves with rugged metal connections and now
secured in concrete housing w/steel cover plates

Renting a place near San Isidro for AVS team to avoid the 3.5-hr RT commute and getting basic supplies including foam mattresses for simple wood framed beds & insect repellent

Asking a local family to cook/host meals for the team…and taking all the ingredients for those…
Esperanza, José Luís and family are great hosts & cooks!  Plus, having pipes, electric cable, valves,
connectors, PVC glue, etc delivered to their house

Contracting for the back hoe which arrived at their house and Andrés began The Dig on Feb 7!

Connecting the PVC pipes for water to the tank, chlorine to the tank, the circuit cable to the level switch on the tank, and water from the tank to the water meters.   Arranging for the visit of the San Jose Noreste Rotarians on their monitoring visit Feb 15 & 16 to coordinate educational efforts with the Water Committee and School in San Isidro.

Anticipating arrivals, juggling transportation and planning local eco-tours for two Volunteers in Mission from St Paul’s UMC, Ithaca for the next two weeks : )

…with BOOTS on the ground: the Agua Viva Serves Team!!!
creative, caring, skilled, technical expertise drill it. build it. WOW!

Bendiciones, AVS team! n & G
God’s quest can transform us, not by lifting us out of ourselves but by grounding us into the joy and

struggle of being human.

Steven Charleston, The Four Vision Quests of Jesus

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