2023 Advent Worship Series: “Fear Not”

Posted By Beckie Sweet on Nov 14, 2023 | 0 comments

When God encounters us with a calling or a challenge, too often we respond with FEAR.

We ask, “Am I too old?”  “How will I fit this into my plans?”  “Is this too hard for me?”

“What do I get out of this?”  “Won’t this cause embarrassment?”  “Who will help me?”

God invites us to TRUST that we are already equipped for service in God’s name.

Certainly serving for God will be challenging, surprising, fulfilling, and joyful!

So, what’s holding us back?  The angels remind God’s chosen servants to

“FEAR NOT!”  As we prepare to receive the Prince of Peace 

Into our lives anew, may TRUST outweigh FEAR.

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