Sermon Transcripts

“Sheep and Goats”

Posted By on Nov 26, 2023

November 26, 2023 ~ Reign of Christ Sunday Rev. Beckie Sweet   JUDGING (from the Wittier Friends Church) I dreamt death came the other night, And heaven’s gate swung wide; An angel with a halo bright Then ushered me inside; And there to my astonishment Stood folks I’d judged and labeled As “quite unfit,” “of little worth” and “spiritually disabled.” Indignant words rose to my lips But never were set free; For every face showed...

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“Sowing and Reaping”

Posted By on Nov 19, 2023

November 19, 2023 ~ Thanksgiving Sunday Rev. Beckie Sweet   Bruce Goettsche, a now-retired pastor from Illinois, shares one of his childhood memories.  He says, “I remember when I was in Cub Scouts a long, long time ago, we were having a meeting with parents in the basement of the church where we met.  We had a speaker for some reason that night and I have no idea what he was talking about.  But I do remember something he did....

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“Extending the Table”

Posted By on Nov 12, 2023

November 12, 2023 ~24th Sunday after Pentecost Rev. Beckie Sweet ~ “A Place at the Table”   A long-time member and proud grandfather stood at the baptismal font with his family for the baptism of his baby granddaughter.  Another infant from another family that was new to the congregation was also baptized at that same service.  Following the service, the two families intermingled at the front of the church as they...

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“Children of God”

Posted By on Nov 5, 2023

November 5, 2023 ~ All Saints Sunday “A Place at the Table” ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet   Are there any saints here today? Contrary to the popular idea that a saint is a very, very good person, the Christian understanding is that a saint is anyone who is baptized and believes in Jesus. So, let me ask again, any saints here today? [show of hands] Good! We need to practice thinking of ourselves as saints, I think, because we...

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“Blessing the Table”

Posted By on Oct 29, 2023

October 29, 2023 ~ 22nd Sunday after Pentecost Rev. Beckie Sweet ~ “A Place at the Table”   The Village of Kenmore, where I served just prior to my time here in Ithaca, has many wonderful traditions: celebrating holidays, seasons, local talent, and so much more.  One of the traditions into which I was immersed in June of 2018 is “Dog Days of Kenmore.”  I have not ever lived in a setting where dogs are so cherished and...

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“Invitation to the Table”

Posted By on Oct 22, 2023

October 22, 2023 ~ 21st Sunday after Pentecost “A Place at the Table” ~ Rev. Beckie Sweet   I know that many in this congregation are familiar with the term “Radical Hospitality.”  Many churches studied Radical Hospitality about over decade ago, as part of Bishop Robert Schnase’s “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.”  Bishop Schnase begins his chapter-long description of Radical Hospitality with this...

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