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Racker SJCS ISA Agua Viva Serves

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Details & About the Organizations:

Support Children with Special Needs

Racker is a nonprofit agency that works with children who have special needs and their families.  Our vision “is to create a world where all people know they belong”.  Racker helps people lead fulfilling lives by providing opportunities for learning and connecting with others.  Children can receive therapy and educational services from birth through adulthood.  A gift of $10 will buy items such as books, balls, art and craft supplies, puzzles.  A gift of $25 will buy items such as pretend play toys (dolls, cars/trucks), games, winter boots, clothes.  A gift of $50 will buy items such as winter coats, scooters, musical instruments.  A gift of $100 or more will help buy items such as trikes, climbing equipment, balance bikes, prepaid hot spot for a child without internet access.  When making your contribution, please note in the comment section that you are giving through St. Paul’s UMC.

Support People Experiencing Homelessness

St. John’s Community Services (SJCS) works to build stronger communities and to ensure that all people have a meaningful quality of life.  At the heart of our services and programs is our mission, “Advancing inclusive communities where every person, regardless of circumstances, has the right and opportunity to live their best life.”  SJCS operates the homeless shelter in Ithaca.  We provide emergency housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  We also provide a food pantry and emergency food services for those in need.  Your contribution will provide Walmart gift cards to people residing at SJCS at Christmas.  When making your contribution, at the bottom of the page under “Comments,” please note it is from St. Paul’s UMC.

Support Immigrants & Refugees

The Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance is a coalition of congregations (including St. Paul’s), community organizations, and concerned individuals in and around Ithaca that support immigrants who are at risk of deportation and violence.  First Congregational Church of Ithaca (FCCI) is providing living space for two individuals who are seeking safety and security while their legal case is being resolved.  Contributions to the Giving Tree will help pay for food for this family, and daycare expenses (provided at FCCI) for the child.  When you make your contribution, place the amount on the “Sanctuary Church Ministries” line of the online giving form.

Support Clean Water Supplies in Costa Rica

Agua Viva Serves is doing essential work throughout the pandemic era to provide clean water for very remote communities without access to potable water in northern Costa Rica.  Agua Viva is committed to our projects lasting for the future.  All of our community sized projects include a co-op component to continue to maintain the systems for the future.  We partner with our communities to build a board of directors and begin collecting money to build a maintenance fund.  AVS has made a long term commitment to the communities we serve.  We will guide them and help administer their new systems until they are ready to take them over. Our goal is to build a self-governing and sustainable water system for the future.