In Dedication to Rev. Margie Mayson

St. Paul’s 37-foot, 11-circuit labyrinth is painted on the floor of the gym, which is located on the second floor of the church. You can access the gym via the stairs near the Durham Room, on the north side of the church. The labyrinth is available each week on Sunday mornings, 9:15–10:15 am, Wednesday afternoons, 1:00–4:00 pm, and by previous arrangement with the church office.

The labyrinth walk is dedicated to Margie Mayson, Senior Pastor at St. Paul’s from 2008-2011. Margie helped create the vision for the labyrinth at St. Paul’s, expressed a deep appreciation for the power of the labyrinth, and prayerfully walked through life inspiring us all to be passionate about our own journey with Christ.


With each step I take, may my heart be open

to the enduring love of the Spirit.

May my mind be stilled so that

I may fully experience

the presence of God.

As I weave through the labyrinth circuits,

help me to trust in possibilities,

even if they are not yet realized.

Grant me the wisdom to follow a path

that will lead to greater understanding.

And as I journey onward,

may I radiate to others

the love that dwells within.

Can’t make it to the church, but still looking for the Labyrinth experience?

Try an online labyrinth instead! Click here to access mouse-driven or self-guided labyrinth “walk” online.
You can also choose a symbol to focus your attention during your journey.