Meditation Loft

Offering Opportunities for Transformation

Love one another. Forgive. Deeply trust that all will be well. Let go of that which doesn’t serve you.


How do we do that? What practices can help us? How does a community support us on this journey?


We live in an extraordinary time, facing great challenges and at the same time, spiritual conversations are bubbling and deepening. There is a new exchange of profound practices afoot, some in the Christian mystical tradition, as well as those from other wisdom traditions, which have the potential to transform our lives and those around us. Recognizing the opportunity for this transformation and healing through contemplative practices and the need for quiet spaces which support them, a small number of dedicated people at St. Paul’s refurbished a little-used room, high in the tower at the corner of Court and Aurora, banked by lovely stained glass windows, into a beautiful Meditation Loft.

The Loft is generously furnished with the props and atmosphere supportive to peaceful practices, including thick hand-loomed Indian rugs, chairs, cushions, blankets, and soft lighting. Recent ‘Awakening Hearts’ classes have introduced participants to mindfulness and meditation, and spiritual teachers and leaders are being drawn to St. Paul’s to share their experiences and make new connections.

Would you like to use the space for you or your organization’s events? Please contact to arrange for a visit to the Loft and to learn more about how to reserve it.