Reconciling Statement

Adopted by Church Conference vote on February 1, 1998. Amended on January 24, 2012.

Because we are an invitational church, we, as members of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, affirm Christ’s unconditional invitation to all to seek a personal relationship with God through him.

Because we are a supportive, inclusive church, we affirm all loving relationships among people, and further affirm that love is found in friendships, parent-child relationships, heterosexual relationships, homosexual relationships, and families created by birth or by choice.

Because we are a Christ-centered church, we believe Christ when he said that in Christ there are only two commandments. We must love God with all our heart and soul, and love our neighbor, whether that neighbor is like or unlike us, as ourselves. We believe this commandment allows us to draw no boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable members of our church.

Because we are a United Methodist Church, we rejoice in our church’s history of fighting injustice and oppression, of calling attention to the needs and rights of all persons. We challenge ourselves and our denomination to affirm in word and deed the fundamental spiritual principle that all people are children of God.

Because we are a people of faith, we believe that it is part of our ministry and God’s plan to affirm the glorious diversity of our community, made up of people of different ages, abilities, races, ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, nationalities, and sexual orientations, and yet to affirm also the unity we experience in Christ. We pray that in so doing we will encourage all persons of faith as they work for God’s Glory.

We hereby affirm our commitment to the basic principles of our faith by declaring St. Paul’s United Methodist Church a Reconciling Congregation, a congregation which welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons into the same community of faith into which all are invited. We pledge also to work for the day when society will welcome in the same way Christ welcomes.