Small Groups

Growing Together

Many have found regular participation in a small group helpful in their growing faith and their connection to God. Prayerful conversations in small groups can offer a haven of support and caring in a sometimes difficult world.


If you would like more information about the group, or would like to join, contact the group leaders directly.


Leader: Alexa Allmann

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Meeting Info: Young Adult Small Group is held Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:20 AM in the Durham Room (main floor) from September – May. They gather to partake in a short meditation or devotion together and sharing the burdens and blessings of their lives.


Leader: Lydia Dolch

Contact Info: or 607-339-8092

Meeting Info: Sunday Mornings through May 20 at 9:30am (except Easter) in the Meditation Loft (Childcare starts at 9:15am). We are on a journey to be led and transformed by the Spirit. This weekly practice helps strengthen the journey through faith and community for parents and primary caregivers. Newcomers always welcome!


Leaders: Dave and Sally McCune

Contact Info: and

Meeting Info: Usually every other Tuesday evening in the Durham Room. Contact Sally or Dave for more information.

The intent of this group is to seek Divine connection individually and through each other. We will focus on four essential components of our meetings.

* MEDITATION: Each member would ideally share a primary desire for a personal relationship with the Divine through silent, guided, and group meditation.

* CONTEMPLATION: As a group, we will strive to explore the challenges of a faith-centered life through personal and communal study and conversation. This may include individual and communal experiences of scripture, poetry, faith-based books, and written meditations.

* FELLOWSHIP: Every quarter we will gather at a different member’s home to enjoy the benefits of community without a specific spiritual agenda to deepen our individual relationships with one another.

* SERVICE: The group will commit to a significant service project 2 times per year. This may be a project that only the group initiates and works on, or may be in conjunction with larger mission goals and initiatives of the St Paul’s community.


Leader: Eunice Tabor

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Meeting Info: Usually the 4th Tuesday of the month (excluding July & August), from 2:00 – 3:30 pm in the Durham Room

An important part of becoming a compassionate community is praying for those with particular needs. Some of us have found that we would like a more visible reminder that we are praying for someone. We also know that there are those in our congregation who like to create items using yarn or cloth. A few years ago, a couple of women came up with the idea of making a prayer shawl which can be sewn, knitted or crocheted and given as a reminder that we care. While making the shawl, prayers are offered up so that each shawl is filled with prayer-filled stitches. This process becomes a spiritual discipline for the maker. Our plan is to meet regularly with our projects for prayer and encouragement. We invite anyone interested to join our group, whether you already knit, crochet or sew, or would like to learn.


Leader: Tina Champion

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Meeting Info: First and third Monday of the month, from 6:45 – 8:30 pm in the Durham Room

Children out of the house? Grandchildren arriving? Retirement around the corner? Any of the above? None of the above? Come join the Women in the Middle Small Group. We are an active group of women who gather every other week for support, service, and study. We’ve packed health kits and Friendship Center lunches, taken on work projects, watched and discussed the “Uppity Women of the Bible” series, gone on day trips, and offered many other opportunities for connecting among each other, St Paul’s, and the world. Added plus – we are really good at laughing! We meet Monday evenings at 6:45 pm. We welcome you to join us!


Leader: Lisa Harris

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Meeting Info: This small group of St. Paulians practicing discernment will meet once a month and report to the Church Council and the wider congregation and community. The group’s purpose is to prayerfully share with one another the concerns of our hearts with respect to issues of the well-being and justice in our local community and the wider world.

One or more concerns may be identified at each meeting for further work. That work might be one or more of the following:

* an invitation to the congregation for prayer

*a proposal to church council or other church bodies for action

*an invitation for prayerful conversation among more St. Paulians or with other persons in our community.

*a written piece for reflection presented in worship or via other media to the congregation and the wider community

The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.